A Couple of weeks a go I mentioned t a book I read regarding maxims.   Maxims must be no longer than a sentence or two that describes a personal value.It must be no more than a sentence or two.  It would be something that when you read it, brings to mind a powerful illustration of an important principle or value.  Today I would like to share a few more.  When I am faced with a difficult decision, I merely remember 01/09/2011.  Just seeing the date brings to mind one of the most difficult times of my life.  It was just a few days before Christmas when the news was first delivered to me. News that I heard from an accountant who was trying to help us with our audit at the church.  He corroborated   a terrible truth was being suspicioned: someone was stealing money and the someone was a very trusted board member.  This is a story that would need its own blog article, suffice to say that January 9th 2011 was  the date when we went public and had a business meeting after church.  As I prepared for the meeting, I knew there were a lot of things that could go wrong.  God brought us through, the church pulled together and as far as I know we did not lose one person do to this situation.  This maxim helps me today to remember that if God brought me through January 9th 2011, He can and will bring me through anything I am going to face today!

The next maxim on my list. Eat the frog!  I first heard this from Brian Tracy.  I was so impressed with the idea that I bought the book and have given several copies away over the years.  This is a statement, a maxim that keeps me from procrastination. “If you have to swallow a frog, go ahead and swallow it, it does not get any prettier the longer you look at it.”  If you have to take an action, go ahead and make the decision.  It never gets easier or prettier the longer you wait. By reading this maxim, I am reminded that when a course of action is necessary, take the action!  More harm is done by waiting than by taking decisive action.  There is a time to wait.  But never allow waiting to be a substitute for necessary action.

Another maxim on my single piece of paper is “weed the garden.”  This serves as a reminder that things cannot be left unattended.  If flower beds need to be weeded, so do many other things in my life that I value. We tend to let things ride, rather than tending to things that are important.  If faith is a value then you need to feed your faith.  If family is a value then you have to build in time to spend with our families.  Nothing is more exciting than to plant flowers in the spring.  You spend your day off getting everything just right.  Your tools are in place, your plan is finalized and the planting and watering begins, you step back and admire your work.  You are amazed at how beautiful it looks and how it all came together.  What would happen if you never thought about your flower garden again?  The weeds would take over, perhaps the flowers would wither up and die because they were never watered.  Anything worthwhile will need to be tended to and given our time and attention as a matter of routine.  How many things have we started with great fanfare and enthusiasm?  Only to allow it to fall off of our radar screen, as we readily move on to the next thing, and we leave behind half completed tasks and neglected projects that mock our ability to finish what we start.  By reading this maxim every day I am reminded that if I start something do I have the will and desire to complete them as well?

Another maxim that I have is “God made baseball and the beach.”  This one serves to remind me that all of life is not serious.  God made the beach.  The beach is one of my favorite places to visit.  It is the only place in the world where salt lowers your blood pressure.  Not only is work a good thing, so is rest and recreation.  There was a time in my life when I felt guilty relaxing and not working.  That was until I realized it was God’s plan and purpose, He invented the day of rest.  So go ahead and enjoy what you enjoy as my maxim says God made the beach and baseball.

How about writing down a few maxims of your own?

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  1. Bogie

    The Maxim: “You will still have to mow it Pastor!” All too often Pastors think that in the midst of a challenge they’re going through in their church, that they’d rather leave that church. It must be time to go. And it’s amazing how many times in those situations a Pastor will decide God is telling him to leave and take another church. After all, even God can help a Pastor find the grass that is obviously greener on the other side of the fence right? A new church gets you a new yard! Ah but they fail to recognize something very important. As they run from their problems to take this new church and get this nice new yard where folks seem so happy to have him as their new Pastor; that grass may certainly seem to be much greener – However, The Maxim: “You will still have to mow it Pastor!”

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