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The disciples had fished all night and came up empty.  They were sitting on shore cleaning and repairing the nets in order to ready for the next night.  Jesus was teaching and using one of the boats as a pulpit.  When he finished preaching, he asked the fisherman to go out into the deep waters.  It is in the deep water where Jesus wants to take each of us.  There are lessons to be learned int the deep.  It is the deep places that we learn obedience.  Trust is another item developed in the deep places.  Am I going to trust Jesus with everything?  He leads us into deep places where we do indeed learn that we can trust Him in and with everything.  If Jesus is truly Lord of your life, then He is asking you to follow Him into the deep places.  It is in the deep places that we find true fulfillment in Christ.

When Jesus called a tax-collector by the name of Levi, who we know as the gospel writer Matthew, the Bible says that he got up, left everything and followed Jesus.  If you are going to follow Jesus you are going to have to get up.  Jesus never leaves us in the same place where He finds us.  To follow Jesus means to leave somethings behind.  Are you willing to leave everything?  Including your past, present and future?  Would you be willing to leave your hurts, pain, grievances, and grudges?

Jesus issues the command, ‘follow me’.  It will take you and I the rest of our lives to live out the implications wrapped up in the those two simple words.  To follow Jesus is to go where He is going, and do what he is doing.  It is the only way to live life.  What could happen if we each decided to follow Him?  Following Jesus is to enter into His plan and allow Him to work through you.

Are you in?

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  1. Pastor Stewart

    Excellent! Oh may each one of us be the true followers of Jesus in this 21st century! Praise Him that He has called us!

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