ron blake at dcpi

No words can describe the week that I experienced.  Nearly 60 people gathered at our Indy Gracepointe Church.  The reason we gathered was to learn more about reaching lost people through planting churches.  God gave me a vision to see 70 churches planted in 5 years, and I shared this with all of our churches in May at our District Assembly.  In our own strength and ability we cannot do this, but with God all things are possible.  All churches are to be lifeboats!  Whether a congregation is 150 years old or 15 minutes old, we all must take the whole gospel to the whole world.  When the coming of Christ was announced to some shepherds on the side of a hill, they were told “I bring to you tidings of good news of great joy for all the people.”   The gospel of Jesus is the greatest news that anyone has ever heard.  He comes to transform, to reorient and to redirect our lives.  We cannot sit on this news, it is something that has to be shared with everyone.  This is not accomplished by strength and plans. It must be bathed in prayer.  For without the power of the Holy Spirit we cannot accomplish anything!  We must step out in faith.  We must repent of our fear, and love of the status quo and trust God.  We must ask God to help us with our weariness and discouragement and move forward with renewed zeal and passion.  God has given me the opportunity to work with  committed and dedicated pastors and congregations.  Together we are seeking to do our best to see people enter into a saving relationship with Christ.  This week we allowed God to stretch us together.  We will do more for the Lord together than we can ever do by ourselves.  Our team is praying and believing that God wants to do more than we can ‘hope for or imagine.’  God wants to work through all of us and it is just better to work with folks rather than working against them! God is up to something right here  and right now.

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