We are now moving into that time where we reflect on the past year and begin to dream about what we are going to start or stop doing in 2018. The first place where the examination begins is what were you going to do or not do in 2017? How did you do with that list? If you are like the majority, your good intentions got buried in the reality of everyday living by the middle of February. Good intentions rarely lead to good results unless some other things happen as well. If resolutions and good ideas were all that was needed to turn things around, then everyone would have succeeded. Intentions and decisions are essential, but to experience lasting change a few other things are required:

• A plan. How are you going to get out of debt? Lose weight?
• A change in habits. What new patterns do you need to develop? What old habits do you need to change, adjust or quit?
• Accountability. How are you going to hold yourself accountable?
• A tracking system. How are you going to measure progress? How will you measure your intentions and good ideas? If you do not plan to keep score, then you are dealing with wishful thinking.
• Adjustments. No matter how good your plan is when it encounters real life, adjustments will have to take place. Nothing ever goes as planned. There are ‘bugs’ that you have to fix, and other variables that you will have to incorporate into your plan. Your life circumstance will change, and you will have to recalibrate your plan. Changing or adjusting is not the same as abandoning your plans or goals.
Some will come up with 10-20 New Year resolutions. You would do yourself a favor by narrowing this down to no more than three items. Look at your list and find the three that if they happened would have the most impact on your life and focus on them. Focusing on three will lead to more than enough change and disruption in your life.

Incremental change done daily will lead to positive long-term results. If you want to get from here to there, it will begin with simple small steps done consistently. These steps will disrupt your life! You may have to get up earlier, do things that are uncomfortable, and give up some things  you are comfortable with to be better. You must decide not only to dream about the life changes that you would like to see implemented in your life in 2018, you will need to pay the price and start by making some small changes and incorporate them into your calendar daily.

I wish you all the best in setting your heart on being the best and being all that God wants you to be. I highly recommend a couple of books to you as you seek to make 2018 a productive year. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and the 12 Week year by Brian P Moran. These books will give you a blueprint on how small incremental but consistent actions will make a huge difference over the next year. Do not be afraid you can do it, you can make the necessary adjustments and see results in less than a year.


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  1. John Wesley’s horse worked as tirelessly as he did it seems. One was writing the next sermon ‘enroute’ while the other provided transportation. Thnx for the wisom pastor!

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