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Is Anything too Hard For the Lord?


This statement from the Bible is a question to ponder. If you are a person of faith, you will feel that you are being forced to answer in the affirmative. How could I ever disagree with a Scripture? This question is one that cannot be answered, the answer is apparent. It might be called a rhetorical question.   If God is God, then indeed nothing whatsoever would be beyond His ability to accomplish. Looking at the question from a different  perspective, might help us to see the issue more clearly. It is not a theological answer that will satisfy us, how far am I willing to take the answer? In other words, do I believe that nothing in my life is too hard for God to solve?  For Me, for my family, for my friends, for my church and for the entire world?  This is just not a question being asked in the safety of a sanctuary, do I really believe it is for me and whatever I am facing in my life at this moment.


Well, what do you think? My guess is that nearly all of the people reading this post will give the orthodox biblical answer. You will acknowledge that at times we have to apply what we believe to our real life situations. How do I apply truth to all areas of my life? To believe that nothing is too hard for the Lord, is one thing. To make the application to problems is another thing all together. Our faith is not just something we believe in the abstract, it is to be embraced and valued as a way of life. Surely, I have learned that many things are too hard for me. Numerous times I am reminded that I do not have the strength, finances, or other resources to solve all the problematic situations that come my way.


When God said this to Abraham, the patriarch was 99 years old. And the announcement was that next year Abraham would be a father! Sarah was so taken aback by the announcement, that she did was seemed to her as the only logical response, she laughed. It was the laugh of Sarah that caused God to ask “Is anything too hard for God?” it is a question that challenges us to live what we say we believe.


Looking at our biggest worries we must apply this question. Is what I am facing today too big or too hard for God?   As I apply this truth to the things I am concerned about in my life, it changes my perspective. I move from fear to seeking God’s will in all areas of my life. In everything that happens in this world, I must seek God’s answers and His help. When I am given to despair, I must frame my feelings, by the question posed by the Lord God, Himself. In a world where reality is defined downward, the answer is found when I look upward. If I believe intellectually that God is able to do anything. Moving to a street level view of seeing all of the worlds problems through this prism. It will make a difference in my attitude and open me to trusting His presence and provision.   Because you know, it really is something to think about and act upon. If in fact it is true that ‘nothing is too hard for God.’ It must be a part of my thinking and believing. After all what good is faith, if you don’t act upon it.


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  1. William (Bill) Harris

    My wife and I were born and raised in old West side (King Ave) made the move to west 10th street before being transferred out of the area. My wife’s folks (Mingus) kept us advised of West Side activity. However, your blog keeps us advised of so many of the churches and activities on the Indpls Dist that we feel right a home. That’s just one of the reasons I like Wesley’s Horse. Keep it up. Some day we’ll meet and I’ll be able to express myself better.

    1. Thank you my friend. As you know I pastored Westside years ago. Keep in touch

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