Regardless of where you find yourself today, you can create a better future. What changes do you want to happen in your life? The future has not taken place, but for it to be better, you will more than likely need to make some changes. One thing that keeps most of us from making the changes and taking the steps needed to create a better future: FEAR! Some are fearful of having to make a decision. They do not want to have to decide. One will not be able to make necessary changes in their lives until they settle on a course and make the decision and move ahead. Fear of failure inflicts many folks as well. They are continually worried that if they try something new or attempt to make changes, things will not work out, and they will fail. It is the fear of failure that keeps many people from moving forward. Some fear that if they make a decision and move in a particular direction, they will miss out on other opportunities. The result is that they wait for that perfect opportunity, and while they wait, the ideal opportunity never comes along.

I want to give you eight steps to take to create a better future:

  • Let Go of the past. It does not matter where you are today. Do not allow past mistakes or decisions to color your present and future. Everyone has a history. Make peace with your past. Some of your past is because of things that are beyond your control. Let it go! There are things from your past that happened because of your own decisions. Confess it, ask forgiveness, and move ahead. Do not let your history serve as your present-day prison.
  • Learn from your past mistakes. The greatest lessons I have learned in life did not come as a result of victories. I have learned more in the valleys than I have on the mountains. It is in the smoldering ruins of my mistakes that have grown the seeds of improvement and personal development. You can fail at something, but that does not make you a failure. A failure is not wasted if you learned from it and gained an insight that helped you move forward.
  • Believe you can enjoy a better future. If you want to create a better future, you must possess the belief that your future can be better. Wherever you find yourself today, I believe your future can be better. You have to be willing to make changes and move past your previous circumstance and do the necessary work to bring about positive change and create a better future.
  • Commit to personal development. You cannot change a lot of things, but each of us can change ourselves. To have a better future, you must commit to becoming better. Read books, attend seminars, webinars, and conferences. Listen to podcasts, or audio recorded books. Take some of the time of your day and commit to becoming a well-rounded person and refuse to coast. 
  • Get ready to become acquainted with change.  If you want to create a better future, you must become familiar with change. To put the past behind you is to change, to commit to personal development is to change. Change comes at us and can leave us feeling uncertain. There is no way you can predict what difference and how it will happen, but be ready there is going to be a change coming to your life. To create a better future, you must become more comfortable with change.
  • Become a person of action. Creating a better future will not take place just by merely thinking new and good thoughts. You will have to take action and massive action. You will have to give up some of your TV watching time, and you will have to push past fear and the pull of procrastination. You must take decisive action to create a better future.
  • Set Goals. Begin right now! Set a health goal, begin to save money,  start reading, journaling, and start improving your relationships to name a few. Set a goal and determine what steps it is going to take to meet the goal. Becoming goal-oriented is a significant way to create a better future.
  • Practice Gratitude. Your future will look brighter if you start each day determined to be thankful for the blessings you have received. You can either take a negative mindset and gripe and complain about everything, in life.  You can pause and give thanks for every blessing of life. You make the decision!

 We all have a past, and we can all have a better future, but we will have to make a few changes. I believe it is worth the effort to make the adjustments and then experience a better future.

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  1. Orville Mann

    May I have permission to use this Dr. Blake. — Orville Mann

    1. Orville

      Please feel free to use any of my material. Blessings my friend

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