You do not have to read much today to be made aware of the fact that everyone is ready and willing to give you advice! There are times when you wonder “am I the only person who does not have life figured out?” Many people seem confident that they are on the right track. At times you are left to wonder if this true or just over-confident bluster?

Today let us talk about you. Are you on the right track? How do you know you are on the right track? Let me begin by saying: “be encouraged.” Life is not easy, and our situations and circumstances are not all the same. The fact that you are even thinking about your life’s direction tells me that you are at least exploring and examining where you are at this moment. Let us look at a few things that we should think about as we consider where we are headed in life.

  • When stuck or trying to figure things out do not stop! Do something! Keep moving until you have clear evidence that you need to be doing something else, do not stop the course of action you are taking today until you have a good alternative.
  • The fact that things are difficult for you today, is not in and of itself a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes it is a sign, but often difficulties are a sign you are about to experience a breakthrough. Too many give up way too soon and never see the good that was about to happen because they gave up! Do not give up until you have and have developed an alternate plan
  • You are in it for the long-haul. Life is lived daily, impact happens over time! It is not uncommon to have to endure some short-term pain and discomfort in order to accomplish things in the long run. Will the “funk” you are in today even be remembered six months to a year from now? Do not lose sight of your long-term goals and direction.
  • Does your discouragement have something to do with a past failure? Yesterday ended last night! Quit dragging the past with you and let it go! Leave it, learn from it, and let it go! Today is your day. Everyone you meet has something in their past that could defeat them if they let it, you are not the only one. Do not allow your past to determine your direction today!
  • Fear may be rearing its head in the form of procrastination and causing you to wonder am I really headed in the right direction? Allow me to give you three words: Keep At It! Unless you know definitively that you are off track. Keep moving forward until you have the clear and conclusive information that you are veering off course!
  • Have a confidence talk with yourself. You are one of a kind creation. God has made no one else like you. All of us have our confidence shaken periodically, which is one good reason we need to be filling our mind with positive messages. Turn off the television and listen and or read something uplifting. It may not be another direction you need as much as you truly need a boost in confidence.
  • Are you growing? What you are experiencing today may be exactly what you need to keep growing and stretching. At times you can begin to doubt yourself when you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort level. If we are going to grow and accomplish all that we need to accomplish we will be stretched. This is how we grow.

Before you stop and go in another direction consider where you are at the moment, you may not be off-track, rather, you just need to acknowledge your fear and trust God and push through and see the results that will be beyond what you ever dreamed possible

Do not give up! Keep moving forward!

Indecisive businesman chooses right direction way. Concept of confused chooses the right path. Cartoon Vector Illustration.

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  1. Reverend Susanne Blake

    Great reminder of what I can do when I need to move through to the next level.

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