What are you doing?  I know you are reading this blog, but I mean, what are doing in your life intentionally?  How do you keep what is important in front of you all the time?  It is getting to that time of the year when New Years resolutions are starting to fade into the background.  You were so excited about the possibilities of change and choices you were going to make as well as habits you were going to change!  You were clear eyed and excited about the possibilities of new directions. Now, approximately three weeks into a new year,It is becoming harder to get out of bed early and go to the gym, and someone at work offered you pizza and you knew that it would be unfriendly to have said no. You remember your goals and resolutions, you just aren’t quite as resolute as you were three weeks ago. There’s a lot going on at work, at home and these things are starting to get pushed away from the front and center. So the question to be asked is how do you keep what is important in front of you at all times? If not all the time at least a significant majority of the time?

What are your goals? Have you written them down? Have you prioritized them? Before you can focus on your goals, you have to have some. They do not need to be large and lofty, but they do need to be put down in writing.

1   The first step is to write them down. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you have them written down. If you have written goals you are in the top percentage of people in the world. If for some reason you have written them down and misplaced them,  stop whatever you are doing and write down your goals.

2  Let’s say you have four goals that are priority for you in this new year. Post them somewhere where you will look at them every day: on your calendar, your computer screen or in your wallet or purse. Where you keep them is not important but rather,put them somewhere and look at them daily and often, is what is important.

3  Work on the most important item first! Do something every day that moves you toward your goal. It doesn’t mean you have to reach a goal tomorrow, just a small or baby step that is moving you in that direction is significant.   This must be taken this seriously, I would advise you work early in the day on doing something that moves you toward your goal before fatigue begins to sap your strength.

4  Have a goals place!  I have certain places in my life where I do certain things. At my desk in the office is where I mostly do things associated with my job. My laptop is where I conduct most of my personal writing. I read the Bible and pray in a particular chair in my home. I have a couple of spaces that I have designated my thinking space. One is in my office one is in my home, and one is at a local Starbucks. there is no magic place, but I found if I dedicate space to specific tasks and specific responsibilities I have the tendency to work on them and not waste time surfing the Internet or talking on the phone or running down any number of rabbit trails.

5  Find an accountability partner. Seek out a friend who is confidential and encouraging, yet willing to ask you the hard questions. Meet with this person monthly for breakfast or coffee for the purpose of not only fellowship which is important, but charge them with the task and give them permission to ask you how are you doing with your goals or more specifically how have you carried out plans this month that move you closer to achieving your goals?

There is no foolproof plan and all of us have times when we sputter and slow down and sometimes even stop. I have and I will and you have and you will. But if were going to do all of the things that we  need to do in life then we will have to be organized, consistent, persistent and often will need to rearrange or redo. Regardless of where you are today in this process commit yourself to moving ahead. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged if you have suffered some setbacks, it is okay, but today make up your mind that you are am moving ahead and you are going to keep what is most important in front of you. if not all the time a significant portion of the time!

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