We must be about our Fathers business.  This is what Jesus told His earthly parents when they searched frantically for Him.  Today we are the distracted busy ones, rushing from one activity to another. We are driven by the fierce task-master of busyness.  Running around breathlessly telling anyone who will listen, how over-worked and time deprived we are.  It is good to be busy and have things to do.  Busyness is not our goal, but rather godliness should be our priority.  Godliness is not born or developed in the incubator of hurry, rush and exhaustion.  Godliness is developed in quiet places and it involves listening and reflecting.  The development of godliness is found in spending time with the Lord and developing the discipline of listening to His voice.  It is found in the outward focus that forces us to look at the people around us and to be sesnitive to both God and others.  First, we must ask, ‘What has our hurry accomplished?’  We are tired, broke, depressed and harried.  We are in debt or broke with nothing much to show for all the spending on things.  This is a part of the never ending need to an anesthetize our pain with things.  In the midst of the fog of confusion and pain and just plain tiredness steps the Savior who says:

  “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  29Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  (Matthew 11:28,29)

I have been living with these words that last few days.  I read them  a week ago in my daily Bible reading. The message of these two verses are becoming a reminder for my life.  Jesus says if we come, He will give the one thing desperately needed today: rest!  Rest from trying hard.  Rest from performance.  Rest from  trying to meet all expectations!  We do not need to act like Christians, we need to BE Christians.  The ‘being’ comes from abiding in Christ.  Many are under the impression that being a Christian is hard.  Yet, Jesus says His “yoke is easy.”  It is far easier to be a Christian than to act like a Christian.  His yoke is easy!  His burden is light.  Christ’s burden does not include performance and trying harder.  HIs yoke is not one of facing unmet expectations from others.  Our busyness and rushing seems to leave us too busy for living!  Now this is not a plea for laziness, but a reminder to let go of our burdens so that we can live!  Are you tired today?  Try getting in the yoke with Jesus.  Others may lay heavy burdens on you, but Jesus is the one who does not demand performance, He offers rest.  Rest in Christ today.


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