Our area has decided to enter the roundabout generation. Several intersections have moved from traditional traffic patterns to roundabouts. The theory is that traffic moves more efficiently and effectively using a roundabout than by other methods. Having moved back to this area four years ago from Southeast Michigan where roundabouts were already becoming a way of life, has given me a slight advantage.  At first roundabouts seems strange. Instead of a complete stop, you may yield and safely and cautiously enter the circle.  Somewhat circular traffic patterns are not exactly new in central Indiana.  I live by interstate 465 in Indianapolis.  This highway in essence circles metro Indy.  Rare is the day that I do not drive on I-465 for at least a few miles.

There is something interesting about going in a circle to make progress.  Most of us think of someone going in a circle as a person not making much progress.  There are rules for traveling in circles.  First, you have to know where to start.  Usually you start at the place nearest to you. I regularly enter I-465 from Kentucky Ave. Not because this is my favorite road, but because of one simple reason, that it the place closest to my home. I could get on the highway at several places, but the one nearest home makes the most sense.  Likewise, if you are needing to go somewhere, the best place to start is where you are. There are some mornings when I get on the circular highway that I wish I was already across town, because of the traffic or the fact that time is getting away form me.  No matter how hard I wish, I have to get on the highway where I am.  Would you like to get somewhere today?  Start where you are, not where you wish you were, but where you are.

Second, I not only need to know where to start, I need to know the where I am going to exit.  The moment I enter the interstate I know where I am going to exit the freeway.  Do you know  your destination?  You have to know the exit, or you will be driving in circles for a long time.  Without clear cut directions, one will just be going in circles.  I meet a lot of people who seemingly have no direction and just aimlessly keep running in circles.  If you are passing the same issues in your life without a plan for progress you are just going round and round without purpose or direction.

Third, highways were made to take you somewhere.  You were created to  travel in a Godward direction.  Along the way there are  many distractions and road blocks.  Keep moving forward.  All of us will experience setbacks and disappointment, keep moving forward with the Lord.  Yes, and at times we will have to take a detour or two, keep pressing toward the goal.  Today give God thanks for Gods love and direction and keep moving forward.  Even if the road seems circular at times, keep looking for the direction that God has for you.  Keep on moving toward the High calling of following Christ Jesus our Lord.

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