How often do I need reminders?  Daily and often!  There is a tendency to forget things.  I am not just talking about keys and notes. Much time is spent looking for misplaced items and remembering what we promised.  There are many devices and suggestions to aid us in remembering important things.  Nothing is more significant than our relationship with the Lord.  I came across a verse from Psalm 143.  Immediately I saw four reminders that I need to ponder often.

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you, I entrust my life.” Psalm 143:8

Four things I must never forget!

  • Remember His unfailing love daily.  Each day brings its own set of opportunities and challenges. Having no idea what I will need to face on any given day, an ideal way to set my heart and mind is to meditate on His love.  Not only does God love each of us, but His love is also incapable of failing! I have failed, others have failed me, and I have disappointed people, yet God has never let me down.  He always comes through.  Like the psalmist, I like doing this first thing in the morning.
  • I have put my trust in God.  The second reminder is to remember my confidence is in God continually.  My faith placed anywhere else will lead to disappointment. I must trust God when things are going well, and I must trust Him when I can’t figure out what is happening; I trust Him when I am in pain, and things are difficult.  The only way one can live this way is to practice.  If I want to play a musical instrument, I need to practice.  To stay grounded spiritually, I must remind myself to trust God!
  • Show me the way I should go.  Everyone knows what I should be doing: the media, advertisers, salespeople, and even my neighbors.  There is much good advice out there.  First and foremost, I should look to God for direction. The psalmist has lifted his eyes above the road signs and maps and says I want to follow your path.  How often have I regretted running ahead of the Lord?  This not only applies to big decisions but to my daily activities as well. What an outstanding request to begin each morning:  Lord, show me the way that pleases you today.
  • I entrust my life to you: commitment and consecration.  I gave myself to you once and now recommit myself to you daily!  There is no better way to live. The daily reminder that I commit myself to your safekeeping.  Do what you think best, dear Lord.  I am your child and give everything to you, my past, present, and future. My life is in your hands.  This will help me focus on God and His will for me daily.

I trust that this reminder will help you remember God’s love and to keep your trust in His unfailing love and direction in and for your life.

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