To be a productive person you will have to be intentional.  Planning is essential to have a productive day.  Tomorrow’s productivity begins tonight.  There are five things I do before bed each night.  I have found they give me a head start on being efficient and

productive tomorrow.  Here is my list:

  • Unplug from media!  Quit screen time!  For me, it involves prayer and Bible Reading.  This priority is essential.  The result?  Calmness, clarity and remembering my purpose!  It is so easy to get distracted and focussed on other things that we must refocus on that which is crucial and essential.  Those who watch and marinate in the news all day long seem to become more agitated and angry.  “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”  What an outstanding way to end the day, relying on the Lord for His strength and grace.
  • Organize for the next day.  Whatever tool you use to organize and prioritize, make sure you look at it and get ready for the next day.  Look it over and reflect for a moment on the events and activities for the next day.  Never get up in the morning and just let the day happen.
  •  Be intentional.   Identify the “Big Three”  When I lived in Detroit the big three was the automotive companies, the big three for each day are the three most important things I must do the next day.  Before I go to bed, I know what the three most important things are, and I list them.
  • Lay out everything you need for the next day.  I lay out my clothes; I pack my backpack to take to work, I pack my bag for the gym.  I also put all of my toiletries that I need out by the sink.  Many people laugh, but this is the number one time saver in my life.  It takes the stress and trying to decide entirely out of my mornings.
  • Review your goals.  Keep reminding yourself of your priorities and values. In a world of distractions, we need to keep them front and center.
    Try these or share some of your favorite practices.

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