The most famous speech  in the 20th century was delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King.  It was entitled “I have a dream.”  The impact of that one speech is impossible to overstate, it  changed the course of a nation.  Never underestimate the power of words or the power of a dream.  Words and a dream came together powerfully that day in Washington D.C.  Now we may not have the power to change the world or even our nation, but nevertheless, we to should have some dreams.  It seems that most of us start out life with a dream.  Our dreams are our vision of a preferable future.  Life has a way of deleting our dreams.  Jobs, children, obligations, debts, appointments and the general speed of life, have a way of pushing one’s dream to the side. Before you know it, we realize that we have cast our dreams and plans aside and just started living and working and playing and our dreams seem like a distant fog.  What happened?

What happened is that we allowed circumstances and others and general busyness to push our dreams to the sidelines.  Dreams that once captured our attention now seem silly.  Our worship of practicality is a dream killer.  ‘Be practical’ we are told from our earliest days, along with ‘that won’t work’ and other statements meant more for the benefit of getting everyone to fit into the same mold. I do not want to become a dream killer.  It seems for some the older we become the less we believe is possible!  All things are possible for God!  Dream big!  Do not settle for mediocre little half measures!

Perhaps we don’t dream as much as we used to is because we have stopped reading and learning.  We must daily read and have our minds and hearts stretched.

Recently someone shared with me that they always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.  I asked them why don’t you?  Well, “it is so far away, and I don’t like to fly and it is so expensive.”  Many have traded dreams for excuses!  If you want to go to the Grand Canyon….GO!!  Set some money aside, put it on the calendar and go!  If you have a desire to do something, you have to plan, it will not just happen.

Complacency is a dream killer.  We learn in life to settle.  I am praying for a revival of ‘holy dissatisfaction.’  That we will not be satisfied with the way things are, and have always been, but will begin to dream the dreams that God gives us.

Today I give you permission to begin to dream again, and trust God and move out in obedience and decide to be a difference maker.  I know that it is a frightful thing to stand up and declare your dream.  We cannot complain about the way things are if we are unwilling to seek to be a change agent.  The KJV translation of Joseph’s brothers statement as he comes out into the fields to see them: “behold the dreamer.”  In the mind of his brothers, Joseph was defined by his dreams.

If you were to be defined by your biggest dream today, what would your definition be?  Don’t stop dreaming because someone stomped on your dream years ago, find a new dream and dream on.  Declare with God’s help things are going to be different. Your family and your community need you to dream a big dream of what is possible with God’s help.



2 Thoughts to “Do Not Let Your Dream Die!”

  1. Susanne Blake

    I know God is the one who helps me to see into the further and get his perspective on my life. I want to continue to dream on. Thanks Dr. Blake for helping to answer the question, “Do I have a dream today?

  2. Pastor D.J. Bogatay

    Thank You my dear friend and my D.S. for the reminder and the challenge. Joseph’s brothers called him; “The Dreamer”. Oh that we Pastors who are called of God (to such a high calling which we do not deserve except by His grace), would have the courage to not only DREAM BIG, but also be willing to DECLARE IT LOUDLY!

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