I was reading a passage from the Old Testament and I found the wording quite curious  “The Israelites sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord.” (Joshua 9:14)  This verse is part of a longer story when the Gibeonites deceived the Israelites.  To give the Israelites the idea that the Gibeonites lived far away they artificially aged their clothes and provisions.  This way the leaders of Israel would be fooled into thinking that the Gibeonites were from far away,  when actually they were neighbors.  The deception worked.  They moved forward with their decision-making without consulting with God.  They acted as though they could figure everything out on their own without the help of God.  The Bible is filled with examples of people taking their own counsel and making decisions that in time would prove to be short-sighted.   “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.”  Judges 21:25

The Israelites made the mistake of thinking they did not need God’s help, they were capable of choosing and deciding what was best for them. It seems to be something that has been a problem for God’s people from the beginning.  The ‘I will do it my way’ syndrome.  Isreal would regret not seeking God’s direction time and time again.

Think about our decisions.  How often have I sought God’s direction? Think of the decisions you will make today and tomorrow.  How often will we seek God and pray over the issues at hand?  This may be why we are implored in Scripture to “pray continually.”   Not the duration of our praying, but the attitude and spirit of our lives as we stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His input in our lives.  As we make decisions some of which are significant we need to cover them with prayer.  Our prayer should be that God will direct our steps, we do not know everything and we have no idea of what is ahead, but God knows!  Prayer helps us to live in accord with God’s plans and purspses for our lives.  Early in the day we should seek God’s face and ask Him to direct us and guide us through the day.  Prayer reminds us that we do not have all the answers but God does.  By praying over our deisions we stay sensitive and attune to His voice.

Each of us are facing things today. We need God’s assistance to guide us as we move forward.  Today I am thanking God for His grace that has led me since I was a child.  For helping me and leading me to this very day.  I am confident that God who has safely brought me through to this day, is more than capable of leading me for the rest of my life. Since I believe nothing is too difficult for Him, He can handle whatever I am facing today.

It is good to seek advice from trusted friends and counselors, do not forget the most trusted friend and guide, our Heavenly Father.   Inquire and seek God’s help for decisons whther big or small.  As His children He loves when we seek Him.

Blessings for the days ahead.

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