What do you do with your doubts?  I have been reading daily from Regi Campbell’s  “Radical Wisdom” and the entry for February 23 really encouraged me.  Things happen in life that can cause the strongest among us to question our faith and perhaps even our sanity.  What do you do when things are not working out as you planned?  Does doubt begin to creep into your mind?  Regi has given us some great advice when we are in this situation.

“But what matters most is how we respond to doubt when it arises.  Here are four truths to lean into when it happens to you.”

1  God is real. So he advises us:  “By faith, I choose to believe that God is real.”

2  God loves me.  When no one else seems to love you, always remember that God loves you!  “By faith, I choose to believe God loves me.”

3  God can be trusted.  “Because I know He loves me, I trust Him with every outcome.”  “By faith, I choose to trust God.”

 There is a life after this one.  “Jesus proved it with His death, resurrection, and ascension.  I don’t know where and I don’t know what it will be like.  But I know that Justice will ultimately be done and that I will be where Jesus is because I believe in Him and have followed Him.”

“By faith, I choose to believe in eternal life.

I highly recommend Regi Campbell’s book  Radical Wisdom. It is organized by daily readings that cover a host of subject matter.

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