I read this statement recently: 90% of success is found in your daily habits. This reminder helps me understand that I cannot go through life, blaming others for my situation. It is good to have clarity and come to realize that I do have control over my life. I have no control over much of what happens, but I do have control over my attitude! I also have control over the daily practices that are a part of my life. Habits seem only to be discussed when we are trying to break a bad one, yet rarely do we consider the practices that move life forward. Do you believe you are where you are today, mostly because of your daily habits? If you are in debt, it is because you have lived above your means. You have put things on credit cards and not paid them in full by the end of the month. You have had your future eaten alive by usurious interest rates. To turn this around you have to quit buying on credit.  Pay off the balances on your credit cards.
Are you overweight? You are taking on more calories than you are burning each day. It will not be noticeable in the short term but will have large results (sorry) over time. If you want to change this situation, you will have to change your daily habits. Eat less, make healthier choices in food, and start moving and exercising. 
What are habits that you could practice daily that over time would have a positive impact on your life? Allow me to suggest a few:
·     Bible Reading and Prayer. Spiritual exercises keep us grounded for the day and help to keep reminding us of our Source.
·     Journaling. I am not by nature, someone who likes to write in a journal. Since I have made this a part of my daily routine, the impact has been significant. There is a difference between a diary and a journal. A diary is a recounting of past actions and activities. A journal is a place where I write my goals and explore my feelings and thoughts, positive as well as negative. I love reading past journals where I am working through a difficulty. After the fact, I know how it turns out, but I love the prayers, the raw emotions, and the process of living day by day amid the difficulty. Journaling serves to encourage me reminding me that if I made it through the last incident, I will get through today’s challenge.
·     Get up early. At least get up a half-hour to an hour earlier. Getting up earlier gives you time to have a good morning routine and make bunching a few good habits a part of your morning routine.
·     Read. I read 30-40 minutes a day. I am a fan of the Kindle Reader. I prefer a dedicated, e-ink reader. I take it with me throughout the day, and when I have a few moments, I open my device and it takes me to where I left off, and you can begin reading again.. Read some every day is my recommendation.
·     Identify what the most important tasks/activities that you must accomplish before the day is over.  I choose three. I commit myself that I will not go to bed tonight until I have gotten the three items completed. To get them done, I start on one early in the morning. There are mornings when I have two of them finished before I get to the office. Working on my three top activities takes off some of the pressure, and I can move on to other things that need to be taken care of as well. At least one of the activities is related to a goal that I want to accomplish.
·     Exercise. If I do not go to the gym in the morning, it is pretty much a guarantee that I will not get there later in the day.
These are a few of my daily habits, and I would love to hear what practices are a part of your daily routine.

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