Joy to the world!  It is one of the great carols of Christmas.  The coming of Christ brings joy!  The angels announced that it was “good news of great joy.” Even secular songs of the season reflect joy all the way from ‘Have a holly jolly Christmas to “its the most wonderful time of the year.” What is it that makes everyone a little happier and kinder?  Certainly nostalgia plays some part in the festivities.  We remember family gatherings of yesteryear and that alone makes us smile.  Because of where Christmas day falls on our calendars and with the new year following one week to the day it has become a week or more celebration in my part of the world. Naturally our thoughts and actions take on a more benevolent tone.  We try to find ways to be more sensitive to the needs of those around us and giving seems to come a little easier during the Advent season.  There is a question that demands to be asked, ‘Why can’t we be kind and joyful and benevolent 365 days a year?  Why wait for a few weeks at the end of the year to celebrate a season.  When Jesus is a Savior for all seasons?  Why are we only joyous for one month a year?  Perhaps there is something in our culture that make us believe we have to act like a Christian, instead of being a Christian.  Our faith is not an act or activity.  It is a relationship that changes everything.  I do not reform myself,  I submit myself to God and allow Hm to transform me.  Transformation is a messy business.  Sometimes there are fits and starts, yet He is working in and one me!

In a few hours many will be going ‘over the river and through the words to grandmothers  house.’  In the midst of all the busyness let us not forget what the celebration is really celebrating.  It is not our Birthday, or even just a celebration of family.  We harken back to the night long ago, when the greatest announcement ever received on earth was given.  We celebrate the coming of the Savior!  Regardless of what is happening right now in our lives, this is a time to rejoice!  We are not alone!  We do not have to try harder!  Joy sweet joy is the order of the day!  To you and your family let me wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you experience the peace and joy that Jesus brings!  God bless you and remember you are loved by God and the only rational response is Joy real joy.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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