I love Camp Meeting!  It was where I was converted more than 40 years ago at what is today Shiloh Park outside of Marion, Indiana.  I love the atmosphere, the preaching and the singing.  It is important that we periodically we set time aside for evangelism, and for spiritual deepening and introspection. I trust that you will be able to be with us starting  Monday evening at 7:30.  Monday through Friday the services will start at 7:30PM.  There will be no service on Saturday.  We will gather together on Sunday evening for the closing service at 5:00PM.

Dr Crawford Howe, will be our preacher for the week.  Dr Howe served as DS of the Kentucky and the Northwestern Illinois district.  He was a successful pastor.  I think Dr. Howe is one of our great leaders and has mentored many who are in the ministry today.  You will enjoy his preaching.Crawford Single 2010 ROD_3498 (4)

Dr Gene Wells and his family will be providing the special music.  I first heard the Wells family when they were the musicians at a Camp meeting on the Northeastern Indiana District.  I enjoyed them so much that I wanted them to come and be with us this year.  Dr. Wells is the DS of the Kentucky district.Wells family

Pastor Toni James from North Vernon is leading our children this week as well.  We are still in need of people to volunteer to help in the nursery.  We have had several churches volunteer to provide the volunteers for an evening.  Pray about helping us one night.

Wednesday night is Teen night.  I have asked Blake Whiteley to come and sing one of his rap songs again during the Wednesday night service.  Let us pack the service out with youth.blake and blake

If you cannot tell I am really excited about this week.

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