Mrs. Marjorie Jewell had a fall right before General Assembly.  It was discovered that she broke her hip. She is in St. Vincent’s hospital where she is rehabbing her hip.  She hopes to be able to come home next week.   Dr. and Mrs. Jewell have been married 67 years.  Dr. Ken Jewell pastored for 42 years.  He was a trustee to  Olivet Nazarene university for 33 years.  Dr. Jewell and Mrs. Jewell are two of the special servants of the Lord.  Dr. Jewell was secretary of the board at Olivet when I graduated from Olivet.  When I look at my diploma, I see his name and signature along with the President of the school and the chairman of the board.  I thank God that I have known this wonderful man of God. When I think of the people held up today as ‘stars’ and ‘role models’, I just shake my head.  I would offer to you that if your are looking for a model of Christian faithfulness and integrity look no further than Dr. and Mrs. Jewell.

I have been entertaining some of our international guests who are staying at our campground, Camp Camby.  I asked them if they would like to go with me to make a hospital call.  They were very willing to come along, and we made a surprise visit to Mrs. Jewell.  Brother Martin a servant from Bangladesh, Daniel Lotu from Fiji and Kafoa Muaror, who is the District Superintendent in Fiji were able to join me for the hospital call. We gathered together in a circle and had prayer for Mrs. Jewell.  Brother Martin prayed in Bengali, the others in English.  The Spirit of the Lord came into the room in a powerful way.  Not only is our church international, but our family is international.  Did I mention, I love my church!  I love my church because I love the Lord and His people.




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