Leadership. Everywhere you turn someone has written a book or an article or a blog post about leadership. It seems to have started with the business world but now has crossed into every discipline and vocation. So much of this has been positive, because in essence we are all leading in some way. Most importantly we are leading ourselves. I often tell pastors you can’t be a good leader until you have learned to be a good follower.

In the Christian faith we are called to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus said to the disciples if you follow me I will make you fishers of people. Some even describe Christians as Christ followers. Following is at the heart of the Christian faith. Because we are following Christ we are not the ultimate leader, Jesus is the leader and we are his transformed followers. So acknowledging that we are to be followers of Jesus Christ, we must acknowledge that He has placed and gifted people to serve in leadership. The positive change that has come in the leadership genre of literature is to remind us that all of us lead. Parents lead families, some lead staff and colleagues.  Whether you consider yourself a leader, in  your life need you to be fully engaged and purposeful. I am working my way through a little book that is entitled H3 Leadership; Be Humble Stay Hungry Always hustle. This book was written by Brad Lomerick.  As with all books there are parts that are quite interesting and engaging, parts that stretched me and a couple of things I wondered about. Since I don’t always agree with myself, I tried to be gracious to authors, because it is not easy to write a book. Yet I was intrigued by the 3H words he uses: humble, hungry and hustle.

Humble. It should be obvious that leading for the Christian must have humility at the top of the list. We follow a Savior who humbled himself and became a servant. The danger always in leadership is that we think it is about us and as a leader it is never about us! As a Christian leader it must always be about Christ, the mission and the people. All of leadership involves assisting, leading, guiding and helping people. Humility is a hard thing to describe, yet we know it when we see it and the opposite is also apparent. Humility is an attribute that once you think you possess it you have lost it. It is a central and vital that leaders stay humble. This needs to be accomplished in a few ways: accountability structures, guarding your heart, feeding your soul and learning  to laugh at oneself, to name just a few. Remind yourself daily, that you are a mere mortal and everything you possess is a gift from God.

Hungry. The author in this section is speaking against the the problem of becoming satisfied. Not satisfied with the job well done, rather the satisfaction that leads to coasting. This usually happens to folks who’ve had some success. The tendency is to rely upon past successes rather than the Lord. When this begins to happen one does not read much, or listen well and we begin to think that what used to work is always going to work. Staying hungry means there is always something more that I can do, I haven’t arrived. There is much I don’t know so I must keep active in listening and learning and following the Holy Spirit.

Hustle. This is the opposite of laziness. Laziness may well be the epidemic of our age. Many folks think the world owes them something. They walk through life complaining about how everyone else has had the breaks and good fortune and they are always handedthe short end of the stick. Allow me to remind you no one owes you anything! Not your mom and dad not your teachers, your friends, not the government, no one. The sooner you learn this truth the better off you will be. As leaders we must always be sensitive to the needs of the less fortunate. We must always exemplify a generous spirit. We must find ways to help truly needy people. Let us look at the word work, allow me to define it for you, it means simply work! I was told by denominational leader years ago when I was going through a difficult situation as a pastor, “if they pay you money for it there’s a trick to it..”


As a leader we must believe in and love what we do.  My prayer for you is that God will continue to minister through you.  Go out today and let your light shine.

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  1. Mark

    Nice piece, Ron. I especially like the 3H’s. Thanks for sharing.

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