Encouragement is a medicine for the soul.  Not only is it a medicine, it is one of the best medicines on the market today.  This medicine has an immediate impact the instant it is given.  It is nearly miraculous in its restorative powers. To overestimate its power and impact would be impossible.  Think about a time when you were a little discouraged.  Or maybe a time when you wondered what is the use.  Then seemingly out of nowhere someone sends a note, a card, an email or a call and everything changes in a moment.  This change comes not because of a long speech, usually encouragement is merely a sentence or two.  But, do not under estimate the power of a few words to make deep and lasting changes in ones life.  Encouragement is so desperately needed, yet we wait for someone to come along and bring to us a dose of encouragement.  Make it your job this day, week and month to be a full-time encourager.  In my youth I was told if I became an encourager I would never be unemployed.  Someone needs to hear an encouraging word, and you can be the one who delivers the message.  Encouragement is not just about words.  Actions, notes, and listening ear are all methods of encouragement.  You can deliver a cake or a hug and be doing the work of an encourager.  Helping an elderly person with their lawn or raking leaves is a tangible way to say I care and will greatly encourage someone.  The next time you are in a long line and the clerk is struggling, be patient and extend words of encouragement and grace.  A message texted though simple and not a time consuming activity may be a real source of joy and encouragement to the recipient.

To be an encourager mostly involves just being interested in others and available.  Encouragement is a biblical mandate.  1 Thessalonians 5:11  “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,  just as in fact you are doing.”  Not only are we commanded to encourage, it is something that we can all do.  How about taking a 30 day challenge?  Decide to encourage someone every day for 30 days.  Not only will 30 people be blessed, but you will be on your way to being a full time encourager!  Will you enlist today in the encouragement army?  You can be a blessing and at the same time be blessed!

2 Thoughts to “An Army of Encouragers”

  1. I’ll gladly join this army of encouragers.

    1. Michael You are a general in the encouragement army. Your blog is such an encouragement to me and I am sure many many others. You are loved and appreciated my friend.

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