Have you noticed all the things that are written to help us?  I am not talking about the Bible, or even things like the Magna Carta or the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Social media seems to be brimming with articles that tell me that I just don’t quite measure up in so many areas.  It seems I am too old to relate to the present generation, or that I am trying too hard to relate to youth, or I am just an all-around loser!  This is the nature of a few of the bloggers writing.  I am including myself in the great “here is what is wrong, and this how you fix it, or at least do some better.” Most folks do have great things to say.  I appreciate the different perspectives that bring some light and give texture to things that I had not before considered.  This is truly helpful.  After reflecting on a couple of blog posts that I read recently, I got to thinking, “do I come across in this manner?”  Of course I would love to answer, “most certainly not, you are the picture of fairness and reason, and no one would be offended by your musings.”  Well, after my readings last week.  I thought I might stop and evaluate.  Here is what I noticed:

  • Everyone is an expert on subjects they know little about! (me included)
  • If it is something they know, they try to get us to understand the difficult task at hand. (me as well)
  • Everyone is so convinced of their opinion that there is little wiggle room for dissagreement (unfortunately I think I am like this as well)
  • If I was as smart, cool, and with-it as the writer, I would not be as clueless as I am. ( I hope not, but am afraid I too am like this at times)
  • When a writer of blogs errs, it is just a matter of execution not motives.
  • When the person the writer writes about errs, they should be executed!


If I have been mean-spirited, snarky, or condescending, please forgive me!  I just like to share my perspectives, I have no axe to grind, no eyes to poke etc.


Let me tell you what makes me me.

  • I am a Christian, thus I am seeking daily to have a Christ-honoring world view. I am aware that my world-view has been shaped by many forces.  Things such as my family, culture, heritage, church, college I attended, people I know, and so on.
  • I was born in the mid-west and that certainly has some bearing on my viewpoint.
  • I have been a pastor and hold a judicatory position and that too has shaped my thinking,


Well, all of that to say, in a divided country the last thing we need is for friends to fight each other over semantics and opinions.  Again, thanks for the different perspectives I really do appreciate you.  And if I say something “off the wall” or irritating, I am still a work in progress.

2 Thoughts to “An Advice Avelanche”

  1. David Huff

    Thanks Dr. Blake. I needed that today. Well said!

  2. Brother will

    Pastor Ron,
    Sir, you are an example, and a shining light in a world of Darkness.
    And you are the picture of fairness, in a world full of slanted positions.
    And you bring hope, and happiness, to where there is sorrow and despair.
    And if there’s to be some bumps along the way, and as for me, I don’t care.
    As your Spirit, it blankets the lives of those, whom you choose, to let in, and share within your life.

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