hay stacks

Today, I had a window of opportunity and I took advantage of it.  I needed to get a walk in and I had to pay attention to time.  There were a couple of loose ends to tie up at the office. A lunch meeting at a local restaurant, as well as trip to a funeral home in the late afternoon.  A walk in the country around where I live seemed doable.  Changing clothes finding  my ear plugs and phone, I began walking down the county roads. My route actually turns through a country cemetery and past a church and then on to a county road.  Basically, I walk in one large square.  Some of the roads are busy, and some are quite isolated.  I love to walk and I love to listen to some of my favorite podcasts.  We live in a friendly place.  Nearly everyone waves as they drive past.  I always extend my walk the equivalent of block or two to walk past a field of horses. Just entering the home stretch, walking on the county line road, it was there I noticed that someone had been mowing hay.  There was also someone walking up the road toward me, that is something I have never experienced while walking in the country.  My first reaction was ‘is he crazy?’  I guess now I know what people are thinking as they drive past me!  I took my earplugs out and he began to tell me his story.  He had cut the hay and was raking it when his machine broke down.  I told him I was sorry.  He said someone was coming to help him, but that they were quite aways from this place.  He asked me if I had an allen wrench.  You have to realize I am not mechanical, I do not have a tool box, the tool box at our house is called ‘Susanne’s toolbox.’  Since I don’t have a tool box and do not use tools, I certainly wouldn’t have Allen’s wrench.  That last line was a joke.  But I did tell him I knew someone who would have the tool he was looking for, and that I would call them.  The person I called uses tools at our Church campground.  He answered the phone, I explained the need, he promised to be there momentarily.  I told the stranger that my friend would be here soon and he would have the needed tool.  The gentlemen and I exchanged more pleasantries and then he said ‘Thanks for helping’  I had not really physically helped him.  My hands on attempt would have been worse than counter productive. But, I had a friend who knew exactly what this man needed and had the ability to help.

I believe that life events are not accidental but divine appointments.  Our responsibility is not to fix everyone and everything, but I do know someone who has the tools to fix anything and anyone.  I can’t fix your problem, but Jesus can!  Do you think God cares about a man who is having problem with his tractor? Yes! I believe He cares about everything that happens to you!  On my way back to Camp Camby tonight after another meeting and a date with my wife, I saw the power of an allen wrench:  The hay was raked and finished and the job was done.   The only way I can describe this situation from this afternoon: An accidental encounter on purpose.  I pray that all of us can be the answer to someones prayer.

6 Thoughts to “an accidental encounter on purpose”

  1. Sandy Pruett

    Just like God to put you in the right place at the right time! We need only to be willing and to be expecting to be used. He will do the rest.

    1. So true Sandy, he puts all of us in the right place at the right time. We think of you all often. Stay in touch

  2. Rhoda

    Situations like you have just described also remind me that God already has a divine appointment chosen & waiting for US when we are in need, if we are faithful with the seemingly insignificant leadings of our Father!

    1. Thanks Rhoda for you comment. God does lead us along. He uses every thing that happens to and for His glory. God Bless you

  3. Cindy

    Reminds me of the old gospel song, “I know a man who can.”

    1. Thanks Cindy and I actually know that song! Blessings

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