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hay stacks

Today, I had a window of opportunity and I took advantage of it.  I needed to get a walk in and I had to pay attention to time.  There were a couple of loose ends to tie up at the office. A lunch meeting at a local restaurant, as well as trip to a funeral home in the late afternoon.  A walk in the country around where I live seemed doable.  Changing clothes finding  my ear plugs and phone, I began walking down the county roads. My route actually turns through a country cemetery and past a church and then on to a county road.  Basically, I walk in one large square.  Some of the roads are busy, and some are quite isolated.  I love to walk and I love to listen to some of my favorite podcasts.  We live in a friendly place.  Nearly everyone waves as they drive past.  I always extend my walk the equivalent of block or two to walk past a field of horses. Just entering the home stretch, walking on the county line road, it was there I noticed that someone had been mowing hay.  There was also someone walking up the road toward me, that is something I have never experienced while walking in the country.  My first reaction was ‘is he crazy?’  I guess now I know what people are thinking as they drive past me!  I took my earplugs out and he began to tell me his story.  He had cut the hay and was raking it when his machine broke down.  I told him I was sorry.  He said someone was coming to help him, but that they were quite aways from this place.  He asked me if I had an allen wrench.  You have to realize I am not mechanical, I do not have a tool box, the tool box at our house is called ‘Susanne’s toolbox.’  Since I don’t have a tool box and do not use tools, I certainly wouldn’t have Allen’s wrench.  That last line was a joke.  But I did tell him I knew someone who would have the tool he was looking for, and that I would call them.  The person I called uses tools at our Church campground.  He answered the phone, I explained the need, he promised to be there momentarily.  I told the stranger that my friend would be here soon and he would have the needed tool.  The gentlemen and I exchanged more pleasantries and then he said ‘Thanks for helping’  I had not really physically helped him.  My hands on attempt would have been worse than counter productive. But, I had a friend who knew exactly what this man needed and had the ability to help.

I believe that life events are not accidental but divine appointments.  Our responsibility is not to fix everyone and everything, but I do know someone who has the tools to fix anything and anyone.  I can’t fix your problem, but Jesus can!  Do you think God cares about a man who is having problem with his tractor? Yes! I believe He cares about everything that happens to you!  On my way back to Camp Camby tonight after another meeting and a date with my wife, I saw the power of an allen wrench:  The hay was raked and finished and the job was done.   The only way I can describe this situation from this afternoon: An accidental encounter on purpose.  I pray that all of us can be the answer to someones prayer.

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