I want to return to one of my favorite subjects: change.  I am not meaning change for the sake of change.  Rather, I am talking about change that will make a difference in our lives.  Specifically, the change that comes from personal development, that is making positive changes daily.  Those who discipline themselves through prayer and Bible reading, begin to see changes in their lives.  They are more calm and relaxed about life, and are more at peace, able to display the joy of the Lord in all areas of their lives.


I am this year asking the Lord to help me make some changes.  I am not asking Him to help me change others.  I am asking Him to change me.  I am not just asking, I am taking steps each day to make the needed changes.  I am seeking to be stretched and to grow.  I am not blaming others, but assuming responsibility for my actions and attitudes.  Blame and resentment have no place in our lives!  Just barely over on month into a new year, and I am reminded of truths I have known for a long time.  Allow me to share them with you.


It is never to late to change.  When I was younger and eager to be all that I could be, change was embraced enthusiastically.  Yet, I have found renewed energy and joy by embracing some needed changes in my life today.  Again, regardless of our age we can change.


You are never too old to get better!  Don’t die before you die.  Keep on stretching.  Regardless of where you are today, you can make a difference.  As a matter of fact I feel that my best years are the years ahead of me.  I did not know years ago what I know now.  I did not have the experiences I have now, I am asking God to help me make a difference.  These years of walking with the Lord have given me an awesome gift, the gift of perspective.


You always have something to work on!  You will never be a finished product.  Keep working at it.  Personal development and improvement should be a part of our lives till we leave this world.


God is not through with you.  What new challenges and opportunities does God have in store for you?  Put your hand in His hand and move on with Him.  There are times in our lives when we think that we have failed and failed so miserably that God is through with us.  God will use heartbreak and embarrassment to refine you, if you surrender it to Him.  The problem is not in the falling down the problem is not getting back up, and learning and moving ahead with Him.  So many have allowed the disappointments of life to cause them to give up.  Many are sitting on the sidelines nursing the hurts and reminding themselves of their failures.  Do not make these things the end of your life, rather than let them be the events God uses to polish and refine us into His image.




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  1. Frank Sams

    very good advice Dr. Ron, needed that..thanks.

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