Life is about many things, but right up toward the top is the relational aspect of life. Take a moment and reflect on the people who have been a part of your story. Naturally, your family is a significant factor, as are teachers, pastors, good friends, and many more. Throughout my life, there have been a host of people who entered into my life.  Some of these people have been a part for years and decades and some for just a short season. It is through people that some of our greatest joys and our most severe heartbreaks happen. If you have faced difficulties via a close relative or friend if not guarded against, you can become quite wary of folks. Cynicism is one of the defenses that develop as we seek to insulate our hearts against relational hurt and disappointment. Pain from others has happened and will happen again. For a moment, pause to consider all of the blessings that have come your way through others. Not only does God bless us, but he also sends people along the way who are instruments of help and hope.

A sad situation today is the disrespect for others. It is as if people think, “Why should an intelligent person like me listen to a loser like you?” Be humble; you can learn from anyone. I have been amazed at the wisdom that comes from small children, the elderly, and my critics. All of us must be on guard against a jaded contempt for others, especially toward those who are not like us or hold differing opinions. People have hurt us in the past that is undeniable. Have you considered the fact that you, too, have hurt others? Even when our intention was not to harm, nonetheless, the pain was delivered.

Someone has to stop the cycle of cynicism and isolation. Why not you and me? Why not today? Right now!

I am not speaking of ‘random acts of kindness.’ I am describing intentional, pre-meditated kindness. Identify someone every day that you can encourage. Write a note, text, email, or a phone call. Let them know how much you appreciate them and are praying for them as well. Just this one action can change your attitude. Not only will this exercise be an encouragement and blessing to those who receive your message, but you will also discover that you feel better as a result of being an encourager. Encouragement fits into the “you reap what you sow” paradigm. Something happens to me when I look to help and encourage someone else, it seems to lift my spirits and keeps me from being critical and looking for something to correct.

I am thankful for God’s grace, lovingkindness & mercy! I am grateful for the people I have met, places I have been, the ups & the downs, the highs & the lows I am thankful for family, friends, the church & those who I have crossed paths I am better for having you in my life. Never forget that our attitudes are contagious; if we begin to spew hostility and negativity on those around us, it should not surprise us when people return the favor. I am not saying that if you are a kind and generous person, everyone in your life will treat you the same. You will still encounter negativity, and you just don’t have to marinate in it and give in to the impulse to be an unkind, jerk!

I have many times responded unkindly and have been quick to pounce and say something critical. My name is Ron and I am recovering critic! There is a time for the truth to be proclaimed boldly! There are many times for kindness and compassion. Never underestimate the power of ‘kind’!

Why not give it a try? Right now! Today

You may be more surprised by the change it makes in you!

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