I spent yesterday morning with 100-200 teenagers and their sponsors.  They were displaying their gifts and talents.  They participated in sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer, running, and bowling to name a few.  They also sang and played instruments as well as I saw displays of photography and artwork just to name a few. Many were participating in Bible Quizzing.  It is a good thing to hide the Word in your heart.   When I was a teenager, it was not uncommon to hear a pastor say that we were the church of tomorrow.  Today I declare that all of my young friends I spent part of the day with, you are not the church of tomorrow, you are the church of today!  We need your commitment and passion, your talents and gifts but mostly we need you. We need your dedication and your hearts.  When this generation commits, they are all in.  Some who are of my generation like to point out all that is wrong with the present generation.  Since the days of old, the current generation has been frightened by the prospect of turning things over to the next.  Today I saw many young people who are serving the Lord and are making a difference in their world.  It seems to me that many are criticizing the present generation.  I want to take a moment and say” young people I believe in you and God is for you.  If you give yourselves to Him entirely, He will do great and mighty things in you and through you.”  We need you to remember that we do not need you to serve and lead in the future.  We need your example and influence today.   As I watched and interacted with these young people, I left our time together thankful for the fact that God is still moving.  He moved on my life when I was a teenager, and He has been faithful to this very day.  What a joy to see that He is moving upon this generation of young people.  I am thankful for the parents and sponsors who have poured into the lives of young people.   The future is now!  Let us extend our hands and welcome this generation into our hearts and lives.  God is moving, let each of us be available and willing to do our part to make a difference for Jesus in our world.

2 Thoughts to “A Reminder: The Future is Now”

  1. Lisa

    Thank you Dr Blake! God is moving!

  2. Suanne Blake

    I so agree. Our generation did not do everything right. We made mistakes along the way and could have done more to embrace change. Young people today live in a dangerous world where violence does happen way too often. Yet there is an optimism in young people that even when fear can attempt to stop you from souring higher, remember there is a God who is ever present to lead and guide in every area of your life. The challenge is will the older generation pray and support those who are coming behind us so we may set the example of a lifetime of commitment and faithfulness to the LORD?

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