Storms.  They are a part of life.  At times there are warnings, other times they are quite unexpected.  Storms in the Bible represent problems.  Just as storms are a part of life, so are problems.  If storms are a part of life, as are problems, then why do they make us so uncomfortable?  Could it be that they are powerful and we exert no control over them?  Could it be that storms remind us that there is much in our lives over which we have no control.  Storms are necessary, we need rain and the world needs both sunshine and rain.  Our spiritual lives, likewise need both sunshine and rain.  We need both the warmth of a summer day, as well as the  life sustaining spring rains.
Jesus told the folks listening to the sermon on the mount, to be careful how they build their lives.  Everything depends on the foundation.  Jesus said the wise man built his house on the rock, on the firm foundation.  The foolish man wanting to cut corners built his house on the sand.  When the rains came, Jesus said, not if the storms come, but when they come your going to find what kind of a foundation you have built upon.   Rain and storms come, they come to all of us.  Trials and problems come to all.  No one is exempt.  We tend to think that problems are abnormal.  Some how we are being picked on, and no one else is going through trials.  We feel we are being treated unfairly.
There is a new product, or at least it is new to me, it is called a thunder shirt.  If your dog is afraid of storms place this around the dog and he will not be afraid of the storm. Somehow because the thunder jacket wraps around the dog, the dog feels safe and secure.  The Thunder Shirt helps with anxiety.  We have something better than an outside device, we have the inner presence of the Holy Spirit.  God wraps us in His love and we can be secure as we sail with the power of the Spirit through any storm.  Jesus is our answer to anxiety.  He loves you and is interested in you.  He has not forgotten about you.  He loves you!  There will always be storms, but the good news is:  There is Always A Savior!


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